Our players have some great bridge ideas to share. Both Bidding and playing are included. Please insure that you always discuss what your bids mean with your partner.

Exclusion Blackwood

by Paul Chan

One of the most overused tools in bridge is arguably the Blackwood 4 NT Ace Asking Convention. Nowadays most bridge partnerships adopt the 1430 version of Roman Keycard Blackwood (RKCB), responding up one step (5) when holding one or four keycards (aces or the king of trumps), two steps (5) when holding zero or three keycards, and so on.


Double Dummy Analysis

by Paul Chan

Recently the ACBL has changed from using Deep Finesse to Double Dummy Solver (DDS is a computer program courtesy of Bo Haglund, Stockholm, with contributions from many others.) for hand analysis.  This is due to the simpler and more accurate way the program operates. After each of our evening pair games we receive a hand record which includes DDS analysis of each deal showing possible results by each player.